Pia Wallén + Arket 2022
"Pia Wallén is one of the most celebrated designers in the contemporary Scandinavian scene. With a career that spans over several decades and fields, she continues to deliver iconic designs that become trademarks of her vision, defined by a careful consideration of every aspect from materials, shapes and proportions to production processes and, of course, design. Marking the second edition of Nordic Stories, the ARKET and Pia Wallén collaboration features a capsule collection of women’s ready-to-wear and interior pieces. The carefully curated catalogue revisits some of her iconic work through materials and graphic elements that belong to her usual palette. Parting from two signature materials in Pia Wallén’s portfolio – felted wool and cotton quilts – the ready-to-wear collection merges modern minimalism with a bold character and traditional crafting techniques, representing the most current expression of her long-lived connection to these qualities."
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