Together Project 2024

The initiative Together is a design collaboration
project that aims to show that we all can inspire each
other and build a sense of community. By pathing profits towards
a scholarship for young designers Together also 
strengthen the regrowth and future of the design industry.
Together is initiated by Kadi Harjak of NK Interior
and produced by Tärnsjö Garveri.

“I felt strongly about creating a bag. A bag for me is like a constant companion, and quite often even like a catcher in the rye.”

The FIRST AID BAG is made of vegetable-tanned Swedish leather, using a thicker leather on the outside for stability and a softer one on the inside. The bag is minimalistic in form, but with the enlarged crosses, it also has a quite maximalist expression. The cross, being a strong symbol of hope, is always relevant and has been a part of Pia Wallén’s design for a long time.

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